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Telenovela Star is a NYC based female rock trio. Currently, they are not active, but play infrequent shows (fundraisers, birthday & bachelor parties) on special request.


A simple ad on Craigslist brought Telenovela Star (T*) together in Spring 2004. Their complex, eclectic backgrounds and musical interests instantly clicked, creating a sound that immediately appealed to all three. They share a deep passion for merging genres that’s reflected in their dynamic sound: crunchy garage-rock guitars, rolling bass lines, and explosive drums all mirroring subtleties of alternative, loud rock, hip/hop, R&B, and syncopated jazz rhythms. Mostly, they all play different melodies simultaneously, all of their own choice, that seamlessly unify and become signature T* songs. Layer on catchy, smart, angry, and sad melodies over reflective, and (sexually) humorous lyrics sung by the matter-of-act, and swooning vocals of both singers.

In December 2005 Telenovela Star released their first record, a self-titled EP. Within a few weeks the intense, upbeat track Car Song was selected as theme music for “Beyond the Break”, a drama on The N! Channel which first aired in June 2006 and continued into a 2nd season. The song was also included on The N Soundtrack in 2006, and was a finalist in 7th Annual Independent Music Awards for best song in the Film/TV category.

They released their first full-length album in July 2007 – the wildly diverse Love, Lust, Sci-fi & Monsters. It debuted at #149 in the CMJ Top 200 for 2008 and received heavy play after its release.

Telenovela Star has performed with acts such as Rainer Maria, Vampire Weekend, The Inevitable Breakups, Silver Rockets, Goes Cube, Higgins, Takka Takka and other local NYC independent acts.


  • Hanna and Maggie guest-starred as the fictitious band of character Gwen (Jennifer Landon) on As The World Turns. They recorded a cover of a Teitur song for the background music and appeared in episodes during May 2006, and February 2008.
  • Contrary to popular assumption, the name was not due to these soap opera appearances. Hanna’s first band was called Telenovela, and while she was in between bands, it was snatched. The ‘Star’ was added and the band name was made final in September 2004.
  • Nikkie acted in the independent short film, “Esme Seeking”, as the main character Esme. The film was featured in a number of national (U.S.) and international film festivals. In 2000, she co-founded a grassroots feminist magazine “OutLaw Sister Riff” which was focused on issues affecting women and young girls. In 2002 Nikkie was the recipient of the John J. Wright Award for poetry, and a finalist in the Hollin’s Poetry Festival. She completed her first novel, Chameleon Grace and the poetry collection Canceled Without Prejudice.
  • Maggie entered the entertainment field first acting in college theatre , and began writing, playing guitar, keyboards, and singing in 2001. Neither of Telenovela Stars’ members have had formal music training.
  • Members of T* have lived in Transylvania, Greece, Boston, Baton Rouge, Tokyo, Trinidad & Tobago, Washington DC, Stockholm, Hell’s Kitchen, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens. In addition to English, the ladies also speak Greek and Japanese.

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