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30 Jan


As of late 2008, Telenovela Star no longer is active as a group. This blog  (and other sites) will no longer be updated, but you can find more activity, news, and T-Star related posts from http://www.manicfantastic.com or unreleased songs at http://www.youtube.com/manicfantastic


Maggie, 1/3 Telenovela Star

Gatorade + Ellery Hollingsworth + Telenovela Star =

13 Aug

 Hey hey hey.  Telenovela Star lives on.

Two of our songs – “FLUFF” and “CAR SONG” – were chosen by Gatorade as the tracks for several videos, and website featuring snowboarder Ellery Hollingsworth. We were so psyched about this, that we met up and had a jam session to celebrate.

View our musical accompaniment to this thirsty, sporty event here:  http://www.elleryridesallday.com/

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