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On the N! Channel Soundtrack, released today.

29 Aug

Car Song is now fully mobile, and heading to a Walmart near you- as part of The N Soundtrack.

You can read more on this at The-N.com, and purchase the soundtrack at Amazon: here.

Below are some songs on the soundtrack as reviewed by “The-Alison” at “The N” channel:

Telenovela Star
The opening to the smash summer sensation Beyond the Break. This band rocks and this song ruh-hawks. I listen to it and feel like I’m sprinting in slo-mo across the beach in a badass bikini, board tucked under my arm, about to rip on some killer waves. Wait, do surfers tuck their boards under their arms? I just outted myself as the indoors type.

Degrassi Theme Song
Whatever it TAKES!! That’s just pure happy. I get happy just thinking about singing to that. I can’t sing now because I’m sitting at my desk and people would assume I’ve gone postal, again but as soon as I get alone in an elevator, I’m belting it. Oh, and this extended version has a really inspirational believe in your dreams rap part that I like.

Natasha Bedingfeld
I was here when Natasha came to The N and sang this version of Unwritten for us. It was folk-pop magic. And she’s awesome. If she had a parade float, I imagine the motto Gorgeous. Talented. British. painted on the side of it in curly pink letters. I like the moral of this song too it’s about taking life by the horns and not waiting for life to happen to you. I think. Can’t we all use a reminder of that every once in a while?

Did you know Aubrey Graham (Jimmy on Degrassi) is a hip hop artist? And he has got rhymes like limes. His flow is smooth, like marshmallows. Mmm, marshmallows. I’m serious, Drake is hot on the mic like Dick Van Dyke’s trike. I strongly urge you to hear more of his music on his myspace page.

The Donnas
Ah, the South of Nowhere theme song in its entirety. I DOUBLE DARE YOU to NOT thrash around dancing, singing, clapping and air-guitar-ing while listening to this song while on rollerskates. The Donnas are awesome in a cute badass sort of way. I would hire them to play at all my getting-ready-to-go-out moments.

The Dirtmitts
Whenever this song gets played, ski lifts and snowboarders start moving at warp speed. It’s weirdness.

Alexz Johnson
Remember a little show called Instant Star a.k.a. my favorite show on The N starring an awesome Canadian chick with a killer singing voice named Alexz Johnson? Yeah, NOW you remember! I hadnt heard this song in a while, and I realize now why my life felt a little emptier. PS: I do alone-karaoke into an imaginary microphone to this song.

Mandy Musgrave
It’s Ash from South singing that song from that episode when she gets stood up by her dead-beat dad but then he finally gets there and they have a really super-sweet father-daughter harmonizing moment that made me cry. Oh, Mandy. Sing it, girl.