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It’s been a year!

30 Jun

We last played July 3rd for DJ Mojos birthday and thought it was the right thing to do to play again this year. And, we have been ITCHING to play. We have dusted off our instruments, emptied out whatever pocket change we could for rehearsals and wrote a few new songs.

We hope to have your ears to test them on. Maybe you can name one of them for us, since we are totally stumped. If you cant make it, look for a couple of new recordings we should have out by late summer.

Post-Baltimore gig

18 Feb

We’re back from Baltimore! On our second trip down to Maryland, we made a conscious effort to write about it. We met our friends Object at our rehearsal space, then packed equipment and headed down to Baltimore in a caravan of two cars. I whipped out my notepad and started marking the times and events.

Here’s my only entry:

11:47am: We leave studio 38th street/ NYC
12:00pm: Got pulled over by the cops at 34th street

Thank you Sarah at Metro Gallery, The Payola Reserve, and Object for coming down with us and dealing with guitar & bass of Telenovela Star chirping in the backseat for 8 hours this weekend, Maria BMB, Pianowire, Kara & Jeremy, and everyone else that I am forgetting right now. I recall all faces, but not names.

Thank you kindly for a such warm reception, and open ears

Residency @ The Delancey

23 Jan

2 More Thursdays

Last week was awesome. Great turnout. Great bands. We even had a surprise visit from Stereoactive, so there’s photographic evidence. We’re back again at the Delancey tomorrow night. This time it’s 10pm. And  only $6!

Radio Radio

Our album Love, Lust, Sci-Fi & Monsters is plowing through radio this winter. We’ve charted on 26 stations including a #1 on WUMD in Dearborn, MI, and as of last week were ranked at 150 on CMJ. If you listen to college radio, keep your ears peeled, and call in. A shoutout to KLSU in Baton Rouge. We got 8 spins last week! Geaux Tigers!



Baltimore rocks!

11 Nov

We had a GREAT time!

Thanks so much to Pianowire, our new friends, for a great show and helping us out, Metro Gallery, and everyone who came to the show. We really had a blast. I’ll try to get some photos up on here very soon!

Huge thanks to Kara and Jeremy, for taking us in, feeding us, and giving us comfy beds to sleep on. We really appreciate it – you are the best!

We plan on coming back

Album, complete. Party, due.

8 Jun


Come celebrate with us the completion of our first full-length album. In case hard copies don’t arrive in time, we will have a free sampler for you to take home.

Wed June 27, 2007
at Trash Bar in Brooklyn, NY
256 Grand St. btw Driggs/Roebling

The evening’s lineup includes our friends:
Double Truck @ 8pm
Bad Girlfriend @ 9pm
Telenovela Star @10pm
Object @11pm

If you haven’t already heard, go check out our profile where we’ve posted a promo version of “Fluff”, the first track on Love, Lust, Sci-fi & Monsters…we’ll be posting some more soon.

Write to us, we love hearing from you