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T* Valentine’s Day Wishes

14 Feb

A couple of months ago, we met up just to hang-out and play some songs. We’ve been on a hiatus since we’re practically broke, looking for employment, and trying not to get committed (the real, on-going telenovela). Anyway, we’ve been needing some sort of release for some time now, and meeting up just to play, not our set or unfinished songs, just to play loudly like we didn’t give a shit anymore, and feel the frustrations, the beast, bleed out. This release felt like the best sort of cure for the thwart that’s been illing, suffocating us for some time now.

Of course, I was late on the day, which sucked, because it takes forever to set a kit that’s not your own up, especially when it’s a piece of shit kit. If anything this is a good metaphor for life: never set-up or play anybody else’s piece of shit kit. Maggie was fooling around on the keyboards, and Hanna on her bass. I quickly tried to set the mouse trap of a kit up. It was my worst set-up time ever: half an hour! After doing a three week residency at The Delancey earlier this year, I could set-up in like 5 minutes, 10 tops. Well, that was mostly nervous adrenaline, mixed with shots of Red Bull.

We were just messing around, spur of the moment playing, and then we started talking about this metal band that shared the studio space next door to our old studio, and how awesome we thought their musical arrangements were (lately we’ve been getting into metal). Maggie started talking about how she wanted to write a grave song, and of course that just started it all. Hanna started jokingly singing about loving a lover from the grave, while Maggie was playing on the keys, a blues progression to match Hanna’s bass and vocals. I came in with a slow blues beat, and it went straight to hell after that. We were so excited. We had to play it again, and this time record it. We were hooked on what we had made, it felt so good. It honestly felt like a drug rushing through my veins.

We couldn’t get the melody out of our heads, even after our session at the studio ended. We kept humming this sketch, it was like a nursery rhyme. We just kept singing it over and over again, all through the streets of Manhattan’s Port Authority, laughing when one of us added a scandalous line to the lyrics. I raced home hoping Hanna had emailed us the short recording of the song. I remember I couldn’t sleep that night, and for once it was for a positive reason. I kept giggling like a kid about our night, and the song. Ha! my poor lover, she puts up with so much. Luckily, she didn’t kick me out the bed that night.

We never had a chance to meet again before the holidays to flesh the song out, but Hanna did this incredible keyboard version of it at home. The name of the song is “Carcass of Pleasure“, our attempt at a metal song. The lyrics are ‘metal’, but the melody is more blues, pop maybe? You decide.

After listening to “Carcass of Pleasure”, I suggest listening to “Something In the Middle” right away (on loud speakers, and dance around in front of a mirror, I do it all the time in just my underwear, and a broom as my microphone), since they sound so good together.

Carcass of Pleasure, Something In the Middle

Album, complete. Party, due.

8 Jun


Come celebrate with us the completion of our first full-length album. In case hard copies don’t arrive in time, we will have a free sampler for you to take home.

Wed June 27, 2007
at Trash Bar in Brooklyn, NY
256 Grand St. btw Driggs/Roebling

The evening’s lineup includes our friends:
Double Truck @ 8pm
Bad Girlfriend @ 9pm
Telenovela Star @10pm
Object @11pm

If you haven’t already heard, go check out our profile where we’ve posted a promo version of “Fluff”, the first track on Love, Lust, Sci-fi & Monsters…we’ll be posting some more soon.

Write to us, we love hearing from you

It’s been 2 long

13 Nov

Finally, we’re going to play out this Friday, November 17th at the Ace of Clubs. It’s been like two months since our last show and for a moment there I thought that we would have ended the year feeling like all that we’ve accomplished this year in the end didn’t really mean anything. It’s been really bumpy these past months, but fortunately and i knock on wood, our chemistry and creativity hasn’t dwindled away. If anything we’ve become better listeners, and our patience is incredible, particularly when working on a rebellious song like Vampire–one of our new songs that’s going to be on our album. I think that’s what’s really cool about playing with these guys, that we could just be goofing off and then suddenly we have a song. Of-course after, that’s the real challenge i think when we have to remember what we played and how to extend that idea that may have come out of a mistake. But when we figure it out, i think that’s one of the best moments i share with Hanna and Maggie. I’m usually screaming something ridiculous by then.
Nikkie T*