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 Coming off of a small-time hit (their song “The Car Song” was featured on The N series Beyond the Break and was a finalist for Best TV/Film song at the Independent Music Awards), Telenovela Star has recorded an album that is post-punk ala Erase Errata with less politics and more pop.

AFTER ELLEN    september 2008

“Despite their international backgrounds, there is nothing “world music” about their sound. You can hear the influence of the Pixies and PJ Harvey more than Mediterranean guitar riffs or African drum beats, but McLeod says that even if it’s not recognizable at first, each band member brings her own background to the music. “It’s just ingrained in our psyche,” she says.”

CURVE MAGAZINE    april 2008

“I can’t figure out why the ladies don’t have a label to call home. Clearly, there is a nice amount of aptitude shown here for clever songwriting that is as dipped in pop as it is indie rock, so you would think that there would be a lot of people out there ready to scoop them up. “

SIDE ONE, TRACK ONE    december 2007

Songs like “Sucker”, “Fluff” and “Vampire” all follow a lost rock formula that many bands had in the early nineties like Vercua Salt and Tuscadero. Telenovela Star take this rock and modernize it with harmonizing hooks that groove and some mid tempo numbers that have a shoegaze burn to them with satisfying results. Telenovela Star has the potential to break out with the right timing and exposure, which could make them a band to watch out for in 2008.

FIRE NOTE    november 2007

Described as “manic” and “diverse,” the new album has drawn comparison to The Pixies, PJ Harvey, The Cure, and Veruca Salt, among others. Songs like Vampire, Fluff, and Planet Cuckoonuts are already stirring up chatter.

EDGE, NYC    october 2007

Next was my personal favorite, “The Car Song” by Telenovela Star, Theme Song of Beyond the Break. Want to know the reason I gave Beyond the Break a chance? I was planning not to watch it, but the theme song came on and Degrassi was over, so I turned it on. That’s right, the show gained a viewer because of this song. It’s awesome. I love it. Easy to dance to. Loved it when I first heard it watching Beyond The Break and loved listening to it now.

BLOG CRITICS    august 2006

Telenovela Star is, simply, hot! The thunderous drum beats, cool guitar riffs, and sassy, strong and coolly commanding vocals set them apart from many indie-rock acts. Le Plum Deux features Romeo Void-esque guitar elements, which immediately endeared us to the song, and months later, it remains on our list of one of the hottest songs of 2006 to date.

CHURCH OF GIRL    may 2006

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