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30 Jan


As of late 2008, Telenovela Star no longer is active as a group. This blog  (and other sites) will no longer be updated, but you can find more activity, news, and T-Star related posts from or unreleased songs at


Maggie, 1/3 Telenovela Star

Playing WHFR’s Benefit Show

5 Dec

We thought it would be cool to play out again, and for a benefit show for a  rad station, Washington Heights Free Radio (WHFR). You must check out You can listen from anywhere.

WHFR is a DIY radio station in Washington Heights that broadcast music, storytelling, poetry, live events, and more, live off the web. The radio station acts on a volunteer basis and all funding comes out of donations and/or the founders’ pockets (mostly the latter).

Nikkie has been spinning tunes on WHFR every last Wednesday of the month for a year now.

Under the pseudo Calypso Sally, the name of her drums, her show, Broad Strokes, tries to play as many different genres as possible: from hip hop to soca, from bebop to punk rock. She also invites bands to play live acoustic sets as well.

It’s also Nikkie’s birthday that week, and she wanted to celebrate it with you, and you, and you…

So we’ve been in the lab creating, laughing, and coming up with tunes. We have a new one to share, so we hope you’ll be there on Saturday, December 11 at 6:30 p.m.

Where: Fort Useless, 36 Ditmars Street, Brooklyn, NY
When: Saturday, December 11 @ 6:00 p.m.
Bands: Boy With the Ice Cream Face, TSTAR, Object, Magnetic Island, Coyote Eyes
Cost: $8

Gatorade + Ellery Hollingsworth + Telenovela Star =

13 Aug

 Hey hey hey.  Telenovela Star lives on.

Two of our songs – “FLUFF” and “CAR SONG” – were chosen by Gatorade as the tracks for several videos, and website featuring snowboarder Ellery Hollingsworth. We were so psyched about this, that we met up and had a jam session to celebrate.

View our musical accompaniment to this thirsty, sporty event here:

Embed clips here:





Car Song Does it Again!

30 Jul

A couple of weeks ago, we found out that Car Song was going to be used for a Gatarode ad promo.  Check it out:

Nikkie McLeod plays on Magnetic Island’s single “Subterfuge”

20 Jun

Telenovela Star’s drummer, Nikkie McLeod, plays on Magnetic Island’s single “Subterfuge“.

Read more here

1/3 Telenovela Star – hitched!

7 May

On Saturday, May 1st, 6pm, close friends and relatives gathered discreetly on the Hudson River Waterfront at Debrosses Street to celebrate Hanna & Jonathans wedding – flash mob style! Jonathan waited with guests as Hanna walked towards the Serpentine Sculptures that faced the waterfront, accompanied perfectly by a gorgeous sunset, and a reading of their vows.

Tears. Kisses. Rose petals in the air. Sangria and food ended a fun celebration.

Congratulations Hanna & Jonathan!

It’s been a year!

30 Jun

We last played July 3rd for DJ Mojos birthday and thought it was the right thing to do to play again this year. And, we have been ITCHING to play. We have dusted off our instruments, emptied out whatever pocket change we could for rehearsals and wrote a few new songs.

We hope to have your ears to test them on. Maybe you can name one of them for us, since we are totally stumped. If you cant make it, look for a couple of new recordings we should have out by late summer.