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It’s been 2 long

13 Nov

Finally, we’re going to play out this Friday, November 17th at the Ace of Clubs. It’s been like two months since our last show and for a moment there I thought that we would have ended the year feeling like all that we’ve accomplished this year in the end didn’t really mean anything. It’s been really bumpy these past months, but fortunately and i knock on wood, our chemistry and creativity hasn’t dwindled away. If anything we’ve become better listeners, and our patience is incredible, particularly when working on a rebellious song like Vampire–one of our new songs that’s going to be on our album. I think that’s what’s really cool about playing with these guys, that we could just be goofing off and then suddenly we have a song. Of-course after, that’s the real challenge i think when we have to remember what we played and how to extend that idea that may have come out of a mistake. But when we figure it out, i think that’s one of the best moments i share with Hanna and Maggie. I’m usually screaming something ridiculous by then.
Nikkie T*